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What the Industry Needs


  • Visibility to clients and shareholders that behavioural improvements are implemented
  • Access to FX Global Code, UK Money Markets Code, Global Precious Metals Code and other Industry Codes recognised and supported by regulators and central banks around the world
  • To demonstrate support, leadership and proactive approach to public domain and regulators
  • Public Relations benefits with shareholders and clients
  • Significant measurable, achievable and timely significant increase in market participants’ awareness
  • Industry Codes that can sit alongside and reinforce internal code of conduct
  • A solution to mitigate operational risk under Basle III
  • A strong and effective adherence tool for all individual market participants, and demonstrate MIS



What can the ELAC Portal do for me?


  • Enables continuing professional development by providing access, e-learning and measuring understanding of Codes of Conduct and Good Market Practices
  • Demonstrable and sustainable solution for adherence to Codes of Conduct and Good Market Practices
  • Content created and reviewed by senior participants from the financial markets
  • Global reach - delivery to all staff
  • Effective solution for compliance and HR for in-house training and adherence processes
  • Record and report Continuing learning and professional development (CPD points)